Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Couch Tale

Photo and design by David Toboni
I cannot look at my couch without smiling. That’s why I chose it for my office, certainly not because it’s an exact match for the paint or carpeting. Now, as the sunlight streams in through the seams of the white mini-blinds and a breeze dances the shadow of leaves from our Crepe Myrtle across its colorful fabric, I marvel at the fanciful design. Blue tulips, yellow daisies, and orange lilies bloom along a green vine against a backdrop of sandy brown.

 If I lie here I might fall asleep and dream I am sailing on my couch. Odd, but that’s how dreams are. Tulip blue, daisy yellow, and vine green sheets bellow in a swift breeze as surfers and boaters point at me and wave, or brandish their flags as I glide by.

“How do you like my boat?” I call. Sofa crafts are so comfortable. Why don’t I see more of them?

Out, out, out, I soar beyond the buoys; until I find myself in open waters, but I’m not afraid knowing my ship will keep me safe.

Dolphins, their bodies shimmering gray, crisscross my bow. “Where are we going?” I ask.

They answer telepathically, “Be patient. Let your imagination lead you.”

While I am eager to discover new vistas, I am happy to stay here adrift in pristine waters, the sun warming me, gulls wheeling in a brilliant sky, waves lapping, matching the rhythm of each breath. Am I dreaming or is this a meditative state? Om, om, om, I invite my muse to join me. “Send me a sign.”  

A great skipjack tuna leaps from the sea, and a cat appears. A cat at sea?  Another oddity?

No, it’s my cat, Sammy. She’s ready to reclaim her spot on the couch.  

This post was inspired by a writing exercise posted by Amber Starfire. 


Laura McHale Holland said...

How delightfully whimsical. I felt like I joined you on your couch-boat for a little while. Love your imagination. said...

You did a great job on this one, Barbara. And Dave's graphics skills just add to your writing. You make a good team. More!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Laura. Come join me any time. Hope to write more couch tales in the future.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. It was fun working with Dave and the Adobe Photoshop.

barb bits said...

From an email, my sister, Nancy:

very cool keep up that style, I like it, I wanted more, I like when you look into metaphysical stuff. Your mind expands.

Thanks, Nan. I'll keep this in mind, literally. My mind needs more exercises like this.