Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring Snapshots

Photo by Barbara Toboni

The sun’s embrace triggering one’s shoulders to unwind

Windows so clean I can’t tell if I am standing inside or outside

Hummingbird playing in the spray of my sprinklers

Dazzling orange lilies and pink frilled azaleas blooming on my back porch

Tabby cat scratching her back in the pebbled dust of the vegetable garden  

A fragrant fusion of rose, lavender, and jasmine while out for a stroll 

The remembered scent of Grandma’s towels washed in Sweetheart Soap
and hung out on a line to dry

Snacking on a ripe, creamy, avocado

Tasting a ripe mango and dreaming of a sunny locale far away

First drive of the season out to the coast along with the first sighting
of the sea and its magnificence