Wednesday, January 25, 2017


photo by Barbara Toboni. Along the coast near Jenner

In with the new! New ideas, new projects, and for me, makeovers of the old. Just like clearing out a closet, the files in my computer could use some re-organization. I will either throw out words I can no longer make sense of or reuse them in a new way.
Old poems may have new meanings for me now. Or, more importantly, the oldies can be recycled like this poem from a bit of prose I posted in May of 2015.  

Spring Snapshots

The sun’s embrace
triggers shoulders
to unwind

Spotless windows
of hard work

Hummingbird plays
in the spray
of sprinklers

Dazzling view
orange lilies
pink frilled azaleas

Tabby scratches
in pebbled dust
of vegetable garden  

A whiff of clean
sheets fresh
from the clothesline

Juicy mangoes
creamy avocados
Dreams of sun-soaked islands  

First drive to coast
first sight of sea
and its magnificence

Are you dreaming of spring? I am.