Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Father the Fly

Dad and me
You know how sometimes the holidays can make you feel blue because not everyone is still around? I've thought of a remedy. This year I have started a new tradition. Through the magic of my imagination I have decided to share this season with a creature, a reincarnated member of my family. 

For my first guest, I have conjured up my father as a fly. He died in 1982. Say I'm crazy, but it's true. My father is here as I write this, and he is a fly. I've noticed him before so it makes sense. On his birthday in October a few years ago I wondered how he would celebrate in heaven.  He enjoyed photography, tinkering with cars and boat motors, and he loved sailing. I imagined he'd be doing one of those things.

Later that day, as I worked on my computer, I felt a tickle on my arm. I noticed a fly had landed there. I shooed it away, but it was back seconds later flitting back and forth between me and the computer screen. As we played swat-the-fly, I had the odd sensation that I had seen this fly before. Since I had been thinking so much about him, I had hoped for a sign that Dad was still around in some form or another. Wouldn't it be great if our deceased relatives could connect with us?

Dad had been a teasing sort. He liked to get under my skin on occasion. It's no wonder I recognized him as a fly. 

Fast forward a few years. I'm having lunch last week. A fly appears. Odd that it's December and a fly is on the prowl.

"Dad, is that you?" I ask.

The fly ignores me. He continues to feast on my lunch crumbs. You didn't think he would talk, right?

As I write this, I know he's around me somewhere, and I'm going to include him in all my holiday plans. He can help me decorate the house, wrap gifts and bake cookies. He can lie in wait for me to work on the computer so he can pester me as he sees fit.

"It's so good you're here, Dad." I'll say this when he appears. "Want to help me find sprinkles for these cookies?"

Hope you have a great holiday season and are able to share it with all your friends and relatives--real or imagined.