Friday, April 18, 2014

New Poems Coming Soon

photo by Chelsea Roberson
My poetry class has been interesting. Sheila Bender is a great teacher, I highly recommend if you're looking. It is so easy online. You never have to be embarrassed when you read out loud because no one can see or hear you!

Sheila's prompts have been educational and fun. We are working on Persona poems right now, which I like because you get to say what you want and write through the eyes of someone or something else. There's one assignment and two weeks of class left. I've produced about 5 poems, some need more revising.

I was planning to post one for my birthday tomorrow, but it needs more work, and I'll have more time to fix it next week. I will post it for you to see. If I keep waking up at 4 a.m. with ideas, I might post it sooner!

The way the class works is we turn in two poems a week and one revision. At first, I was thinking this is too much work. Usually, I don't write poetry that fast, but you'd be surprised what help a deadline can be. Especially if you are paying $$ for the class.

I'm in the class with 3 other students and we critique each other's work too, all gals, all terrific poets. Small class, great teacher, win, win! More next week.