Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turn a Corner

Dave and Barb March 20, 1982
Turn a corner. That's how quick your life can change. It happened to us 31 years ago.
Happy Anniversary Dave!
Turn a Corner

I turn a corner
his kitchen full of
laughing friends
merry blue eyes
welcome me
the unexpected guest

“I’m here
to see Laura…
your roommate”
his smile

Laura appears
“Ready to go?”
“You can stay,”
he says
Laura shrugs

I’m not here
to see him
or am I?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Treadmill Surprise

A writing prompt: The last time I was surprised it nearly....
The last time someone surprised me was when husband, Dave, and I went to buy a used treadmill from a lady in Sebastopol. The adventure nearly landed me in the emergency room. Maureen wanted $250.00 for her treadmill saying it was rarely used.     

I was anxious to try the machine so I climbed on and Maureen started it up. She showed Dave and me a few of the controls, speed, distance, and incline levels. As Maureen and Dave talked I kept up the pace, but after a few moments the tread seemed to jump up a notch. I asked if we could slow the pace a bit.  

Both Maureen and Dave didn’t hear me. Was I imagining things? No. The speed was up from 2 to 3 m/p/h. “Guys, how do you stop this thing?” 

Maureen turned to me, but didn’t seem to register my question. What was wrong with her? I trotted along. I don’t like trotting. “Hey! Hey!” The colored buttons on the control panel blurred. Was this a carnival ride? The whirling teacups or the flying swings? I was afraid to let go of the handles long enough to push any of the buttons. All of my focus was on my feet. Run feet run.   

“Let go, and I’ll catch you,” Dave yelled, but at that point I didn’t trust him. My legs gave out and I fell flying backwards banging my knees and elbows on my way. Dave grabbed me and helped me to my feet.      

Maureen finally snapped to attention and pulled a key to stop the machine. She asked if I was okay. “NO. I’M NOT! Why didn’t you stop the treadmill?”

“Brain fart,” she said.

Brain fart?? Because I got hurt, Maureen must have felt guilty.  We were able to talk her down in price another $50.00. We bought my treadmill for $200.00.

When was the last time you were surprised?