Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Celebrating National Poetry Month

After reading a blog post by Laura McHale Holland, I decided to follow her lead and post a poem to celebrate National Poetry Month. She wrote a poem beginning with this writing prompt: "The Day Is..." She offered the prompt to her readers and asked them to leave comments and poems. This recycled poem seems to fit well with that prompt. It also fits this gorgeous, golden, and warm spring day. Check out Laura's lovely poem too. Laura McHale Holland
Spring Patio

The Day Is
Golden warm
before the season remembers its pattern
bright laughter sprinkles like freckles
between our words

The drifting drawn lifting tone
of saxophone settles like satin
against our ears

Crowds and cars like colored marbles
spill before us

In unison
golden warm mingle
circle leaves, long hair, skirts

Suspend the season