Monday, May 5, 2014

A Curse Poem

Now that my writing class is over (Writing Poetry to Say the Unsayable--Sheila Bender) I wanted to share one of my favorites. We had some fun writing the curse poem in class.    

Curse you Computer

And your microchips too

May they turn into nachos

Dripping with goo

Curse you computer

With your cursor a-blinking

May your data dissolve

As the hard drive stops thinking

Curse you computer

And your email box too

May you develop a virus

Most voracious to you

Curse you computer

And your functioning keys

I shall soak them in soda

And clog them with grease

Curse you computer

And your foul clicking mouse

May he move from the mouse pad

Right into your house

Curse you computer

You inhuman freak  

You stole my husband

And gave me a geek

To give some background, my husband has a computer business.
If you were to write a curse poem, what would be your curse?