Monday, July 16, 2012

The Labyrinth

This poem is an affirmation of our love and support
for Anne and her excellent health


One foot in front of the other
Experiencing and sharing its beauty
Slowing down
Being in touch with Mother Earth
In great company and energy

The earth beneath my feet
Stirs my inner journey

Prayer is such a simple thing
A gift to send to Anne
She is here
Says the wind

As I train my mind to listen
A little bird cocks its head
At last I notice

Looking up from the path to spy
Rocky curves ahead of me
Throws me into fear of failing
Until I see the path knows

Memorial stones inspire
“Live in the now
It is home”

Moving through circles
My destination being center
This uneven trail like life
I go within
I am present

The Labyrinth clears
Answers are profound
Meaningful and beautiful
Notice the shadows intertwined
Among friends and the setting sun

By Barbara Toboni and the following contributing members of Napa Meditation Circle: Jacqueline Eigen, Donna DeWeerd, Marlene Gerosa, Jackie Fisher, Jean Cullinane, Sharyn Fuller, Vivienne Brandi, and Jessie McDermott