Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Other Curse Poem

photo by Jaroslaw Pocztarski

Hey all you migraine sufferers out there, let's get even!

Because you have plagued me

All of my life
And my mother before me
I wish you to  
Suffer your own migraine

I wish that your meds
Leave you feeling sappy, stupid, and sleepy
Or cause addiction
Better, I wish you to not take pills

But lie in a dark room sick
For days with a barking dog, a screeching child
And teenagers serenading
you with electric guitars and tambourines 

I wish for nausea
to surge through you and vomit nonstop
until you end up
in the emergency room at midnight

And the lights are too bright
Sirens too blaring
And everyone’s turn
is before yours

I wish you to attend parties that serve only
Red wine and aged cheese
And the hostess is insulted because you
Don’t eat and leave early

Migraine, because you have plagued me all my life
It’s your turn now

 Do you ever suffer from migraines? What therapies have you tried?


Laura McHale Holland said...

This is a fun one, Barbara. I think it's good to explore the edge between what's acceptable to say and what isn't. I haven't done it in ages, so you inspire me.

barb bits said...

Thanks Laura. At first I thought this poem confesses too much. Didn't want people to feel sorry for me, but then I thought this blog has such a little fan base, mostly family and a few friends, at least at this point. Everyone knows I suffer from these headaches and the poem just poured out of me so fast. It was good therapy. Maybe I scared them away for a while. said...

Humor for an unfunny condition. Yes, suffered them in the past. Dark room, soda crackers, and sleeping around the clock. Only thing that worked medicine wise was aspirin, which made my ears ring.
Your curse on the migraine would have made me feel better. : )

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy: If I didn't laugh I would cry! The curse makes me feel better.