Saturday, March 4, 2017

Face the World

photo by David Toboni

Age sprightly
Flower to bud
I’m only one bottle
of wrinkle repair
Nightly creams
daily potions
tiny jars
keep my cells
free radicals
botox needles
surgical knives
I drape all
Hide under
my bed
Derm doctors
what are you doing?
Creating elasticity
for my face?
This is not
a rubber ball

8 comments: said...

I love this poem It speaks to the universal woman.
Thank you, Barbara, for all of us. : )

Christina Julian said...

Oh boy, this hit home in a big way, have survived another bday and the passage of time signs that go with it! Love it and the pic!

nancy ho said...

Cute, that is a great picture of you

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy: Good I'm glad all of us can relate!

barb bits said...

Christina, I'm so glad you could stop by and drop a comment. I had second thoughts about the picture because I'm wearing no make-up but that's what the poem is about basically, face the world. Glad you can relate.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Nancy: I'm surprised the picture worked, but glad everyone seems to like it.

barb bits said...

In an email from Leonore:

Oh I loved that "rubber ball"....and you, my dear, don't need a thing!!

barb bits said...

Leonore: One thing we all do need is compliments. Thank-you!