Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Barbaratoboni.com is Open for Business

photo by Patswerk
I’ve decided to update my website. My new web location is barbaratoboni.com. All of the information that you find here at barbarasmirror.com can be found at my new site. By using my name in the address bar, finding me should be easy. 
At barbaratoboni.com there is a blog on the home page. I have posted my first entry. Try out the comment section and let me know if it is easy to use. Your suggestions are appreciated. I’d love to hear from you. Dave, my husband, helped with the graphics on the home page banner. He used a photo of our Japanese maple tree sparkling with dew in the morning light.  What do you think?   
You will still be able to find my articles at http://barbbits.blogspot.com for a while, but eventually I will be using only one blog at the new location. In the next few weeks I will transfer some of my most popular articles over to the new site. I have no idea how long my older work will hang around at BlogSpot. It may never go away, but I like the idea of paring down.
Barbaratoboni.com uses WordPress, and the new program will be easier for me to manage. I’m a little sad about closing down Barbarasmirror.com. It is where I began writing online, but I’m excited about my future.  

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