Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mia's Melody

This post is in response to a writer's prompt from our worskshop: She or he finally arrived only to discover .....

Mia finally arrived at the bookstore only to discover the poetry reading was over. Presenters had been scheduled between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m. She glanced at her watch. It was 3:30, but Mia’s car had broken down. It was too late to call anyone for a ride, so she had decided to walk the three miles. Better late than never.

Mia set up her display glad the podium, microphone, and chairs were still in place. While customers browsed the store she set out books, business cards, and flyers. Mia was prepared to perform. She had practiced her poems over and over, and so she began.

“Good afternoon, everyone, I hope you are enjoying your day of shopping. I am sorry I am a late reader, but I have a treat for you. I am going to read from my collection of poems.”

As Mia’s voice flowed out into the room listeners shifted toward it and took seats as close to her as they could manage so they could hear every melodic syllable. Mia’s voice captivated everyone in the store and because it was a warm day the doors were left open. Little rivulets of Mia’s musical sound floated out the door where a crowd had gathered, and they too entered the shop. Seats filled quickly.

When Mia finished reading the audience clapped loudly. People stood. Comments flew, “Magical! Profound! Joyous!”

“Thank-you, thank-you!” Mia was delighted.  It was not a common occurrence to have a standing ovation at a poetry reading. Alex, the store manager, told her she was welcome back any time and to bring more books. They were flying off the shelf.

Mia awoke to the loud ringing of the phone. “Mia, where are you!  It’s me, Patsy! We are all here at Copperfield’s! Get down here! You are late!”

Amber, Patsy, Barb Moehring, Barb Toboni (Mia)


barb bits said...

This comment in an email from Jackie:

I really liked "Mia's Melody." It made me a little sad it was
only a dream but what a fun dream to have lived it!
Someday that dream will come so hang onto your hat!!!!!
Love, Jackie

barb bits said...

This comment in an email from Donna:

I love the idea of poetry being an irresistible attraction
for the crowds, ambrosia for the masses. Why did she
have to be dreaming? good twist at the end (more realistic)
but I wanted the fairy tale.
It would be fun to include one of your poems in quotes.

barb bits said...

Thanks Jackie: It could be true, my books flying off the shelves. I'll keep dreaming.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Donna. I like your ideas. Perhaps for a rewrite I'll add a poem. I guess I woke up because I'm a realistic type of gal. Too bad!

barb bits said...

This comment from Ellen:

Got me ! Great !....e

barb bits said...

You're it! Ha! Thanks Ellen.

Ms. Wack Sense (known also as Christina Julian) said...

This build up is great fun! nice work barb. christina

patsyann@sonic.net said...

Love this. Next time it won't be a dream, I hope. Patsy

barb bits said...

Thanks, Christina. This was fun. I don't do fiction too often so it was a good exercise.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. I hope you're right!

barb bits said...

An email from Aunt Pat

I always enjoy reading your blogs, it keeps me in the family.
Love you, Auntie

barb bits said...

Thanks, Auntie.

I always enjoy having you in the family!