Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I've Lost and Found: Health

These past few weeks I’ve had a bad cold and cough. I’ve lost my good health. I’ve been too sick to carry on the ordinary tasks of everyday life. Just a trip to the grocery store has been a major challenge. I carry cough drops and tissues; wrap myself in extra layers, scarves and sweaters. I rush home to laze on the couch in front of the TV. Forget my normal routines, forget writing. I feel unproductive, uninspired, zapped, pooped, petered out, and dull.

What I’ve found is a new appreciation for preventative measures. No longer do I think it is silly to sing happy birthday to me while I wash my hands or take the time to look for the wipes at grocery stores to clean my shopping cart handles. I don’t mind standing in line for my flu shot, eating an apple a day to scare the doctor away, exercising, or taking my vitamins.  

I’ve learned that health affects physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and have started to explore new ways to stay well, new diets, organic fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, meditation, alternative medicines, herbs and acupuncture.  

I still ring my doctor when needed and will gratefully take pills to get better, but my best advice? Rely on traditional comforts. Chicken soup is my favorite remedy.

The chicken soup worked. I'm feeling much better now. What is your favorite cold remedy?  


barb bits said...

From my cousin Ellen:

So sorry you were so sick. I have been washing,spraying.staying away from crowds to avoid the Flu. The older i get the more I worry about getting felled by the bug even with the shot. I am happy to hear you are feeling much better...e said...

Sleep is my cure for everything that hurts. Love your post. Patsy

Anonymous said...

Get well. Enjoyed your post. Hope you don't have to suffer thru an illness to get your next inspiration.

Laura McHale Holland said...

Glad you're feeling better, Barb! I'm finding laughter to be very healing these days.

barb bits said...

Patsy: Yes, sleep is great and underestimated! Thanks.

barb bits said...

So glad you stopped by and left a comment, Terry. I intend to stay well and be inspired without any germ invaders.

barb bits said...

Laura, you are so right. "Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine." George Gordon Byron.

Ms. Wack Sense (known also as Christina Julian) said...

Love this Barbara. Great playful tone. Especially about the grocerycart wipes :0) it's good when we can get to the, past the misery stage, enough to laugh at something.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Christina. It is good to laugh. My sis works in a grocery store and she knows what travels around in those grocery store carts. Use the wipes!

barb bits said...

This email from Donna: funny!

Good job on the essay. we can All relate, for sure.

i was trying to say that
the ounce of prevention
always packs on the
pounds for me.