Thursday, June 25, 2015

Toast to our Future

Now that it's in black and white it feels real. Today's Napa Valley Register headline reads, Computer Business Owners to Retire. Below is our letter to the editor.

Dear Editor:

In 1995 David Toboni started our business, Able Computers. His motivation was a new computer we had just purchased. In no time David had created an “irreversible error terminate” message on the new pc's screen. 

Our neighbor then, Dr. John Hazlet, said, “All you have to do is sys the boot drive.”

Booting to a floppy drive and sys the c drive did work. Success! After that David was hooked knowing he could experiment, and if he failed he could get the computer running again.

More and more curious, David expanded his knowledge in building computers, networking systems, and helping friends. He took training in 1993 with Clarity Technologies, for two years. He also took classes at Diversified Office Training in Rutherford and worked at Computers Online in Santa Rosa.

            Now, after 20 years in business we are announcing our retirement. Prior to David’s years in the computer business, he had worked in construction along with a handful of other jobs, forty-five years in all.

It’s time to slow down. David and I want to thank everyone that has come to him for help for the past twenty years. We’ve met so many folks that will remain friends. David has always said, “I can’t think of a better place to work and raise a family.” I agree. I have worked alongside David managing our office and keeping the books. We have two grown sons that are also employed in Napa.

It’s a little sad to say goodbye, but we feel the community will be in good hands. Computer Engineering Group has purchased Able Computers. Jorge Zetina, the owner, has just celebrated his tenth year in business, and we feel Jorge and his team are a good fit for our clients.

David and Barbara Toboni
Able Computers



7 comments: said...

Good luck on your retirement. You will soon wonder how you ever had time to work the the business world.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy: You are absolutely right. I'm already feeling those effects.

eileenparis1 said...

Very happy for you guys! Enjoy! And thank you for all the help you have given Paris Day Spa our computer issues.

barb bits said...

Thank you too, Eileen. We'll still be in Napa, just not working! So come visit some time.

barb bits said...

This email is from friend, Xan. Thanks for the laugh!

Enjoy your retirement! It goes by fast. Have you purchased your rocking chairs, yet? Mike and I bought four when he retired ten years ago.

Laura McHale Holland said...

Congratulations! I hope both of you enjoy many healthy, happy, creative years in retirement.

barb bits said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura. We are busy making plans to do that!