Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why Stop There?

When our bookcase toppled in the earthquake we piled books in a spare room and studied the empty area left in the hallway. Why buy a new case and set it up against old paint and flooring, so we painted the wall and thought about a new floor.

But why stop there? The kitchen floor is on the schedule for replacement next year. We should replace it now so it matches the floor under the new bookcase.
And if we are doing the floor under the bookcase in the hall, and in the kitchen, then we should add the two bathrooms. It makes more sense to buy big chunks of flooring and do it all at once.
But why stop there? Around the corner, the bathroom could do with some brightening. Has it really been 20 years since the last coat of paint? And the lights, faucets, and towel racks are ancient. We’ll shop for the latest designs.       
The master bath needs an update too. Won’t that look sharp?
But why stop there? We’ll spruce up the kitchen walls, and while we’re at it, let’s paint the whole inside of the house. That way it will be ready for the new carpeting next spring.
But why stop there? Because we will run out of money till next spring!
New carpeting.  Paint the outside of the house to match the new insides. 

Napa's earthquake in August served as motivation for our home improvements. What motivates you?


Amber Lea Starfire said...

Barb, I love this whimsical look at "project creep." Any homeowner can relate, especially those of us in Napa!

barb bits said...

"Project Creep" What a perfect description of what we are doing. The roof is almost done! Just in time for the rain.

Robin Moore said...

Love the part about the roof, Barb!Where would we be without them?

barb bits said...

Thanks, Robin. Roofs are underappreciated, for sure. And they are handy!

barb bits said...

An email from friend, Lori.

Cute Barb!
Wish I could replace my carpets, a wall Lucy ripped through, paint the outside and get my sofa re-upholstered.
That would be heavenly. Oh well, family first.

Thanks for the note, Lori. I agree. Family is first, and that includes your two cute doggies that get into too much mischief!

barb bits said...

This in an email from a friend:

Loved it. Your writing reminds me of Grace Paley. Love, Xan

Thanks, Xan: Grace Paley, that's quite a compliment.