Tuesday, January 28, 2014

News in the New Year

Phone sketch photo by Dave Toboni
1.)  Third time is the charm! I won Honorable Mention awards for two poems in the 2013 Redwood Writers PoetryContest. This is a major accomplishment as it is the third time I’ve entered the competition since becoming a California Writers Club member. Most of the entrants are accomplished, published, poets so the talent quotient is high. The judges picked blind so they had no idea that both awards were going to be me. Click on Redwood Writers Contest above if you'd like to see who else won, and you can also read my winning poems by scrolling down to my bio and clicking on the titles.  

2.)   My book, Water Over Time, was published in 2013 and it is for sale on Amazon and locally at Copperfield’s, Napa Bookmine, and Jessel Gallery!
3.)  I'm going to have three additional poems published in a poetry anthology titled,  And The Beat Goes On. Catharine Bramkamp is the Editor, a fellow member of the Redwood Writers Club. The book will launch in April.
Also for anyone who is more interested in a literary reading than the Super Bowl there will be an OPEN MIC event organized by the California Writers Club-Napa at Napa Bookmine on February 2nd. from 3 to 5 p.m. Hubby usually escorts me to these events but not this time because of the Super Bowl. This will be the club's first reading at Napa Bookmine so I plan to be there and to read.

It feels good to focus on the positives. This is a great start to my new year.  


patsyann@sonic.net said...

Love the photo. The post is full of great stuff too.
Keep writing. You may be our poet laureate one day.

barb bits said...


You wound up an entertainer just like your Mom.

A story teller.

Love Steve

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. Glad you think so highly of me!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Steve. That's lovely you think I'm just like her. It means a lot.

barb bits said...

This email, from Lori:

Terrific Barb!

I always knew you were a good poet!


barb bits said...

Thanks, Lori! You’re a good friend. It’s great to have you believe in me.

Laura McHale Holland said...

Yea for you, Barbara. You've accomplished a lot in a short time. Congratulations!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Laura. I like reporting good news!