Saturday, December 21, 2013


"Water Over Time"
Hello, my adoring fans! What's the point of having a blog if you can't do a little boasting now and then. My books are here! It was such a kick to open the box and find them, all shiny and new. I spent two years off and on writing the poems and stories, some of that time I didn’t realize I was writing a book. Below is the description I wrote for

When Barbara Toboni takes a trip back to Guam in 2010, she finds what remains of the family’s first home abandoned and barely visible, ravaged by many years of storms. The house becomes a symbol for the author inspiring her to write poetry and short prose about her life on the island spanning twelve years. Memories are clear and portray Barbara’s coming of age as she grows from pre-teen to young woman.
I hope some of you will order the book from Amazon, or if you live in Napa, stop by, stop me on the street, or stop me while I shop, and I will sell you a copy out of the back of my car. I plan to take a few copies to a local bookstore and perhaps Jessel Gallery would be interested, as they do have my other little book, Undertow. I’m very proud of both my books. Can you tell? So wow! Here we go! Buy! Thank you!

A few books have been signed and sent off to relatives. For those cousins and friends I didn’t send books to I apologize, but it would be nice to make a little money. If I send to one cousin, the other cousins would be jealous. How do I choose? Do you see what I mean? And the book is cheap, $5.50 plus shipping. It’s not a large book. It’s what they call a chapbook, 32 pages. It won’t take you long to read, and please let me know what you think.   
Pictures are included, all but one taken by my father, Morton Friedman, whom among other things was a terrific amateur photographer. Amber Lea Starfire helped me format my book for CreateSpace. And Amber, along with my other workshop pals, Patsy Ann Taylor and Christina Julian supported me through the whole process. To them I say thanks and cheers!  
For comments, what are you most proud of lately?

10 comments: said...

I started to read your book as I enjoyed a cup of coffee. My coffee got cold! Turning the pages became more important than sipping the morning brew.
You did a great job of putting this chapbook together, girl. I recommend it as priority reading!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. And thank you for your excellent advice throughout the process. I couldn't have done this without my workshop buddies.

barb bits said...

Here is an email comment from Jacque. Thanks, Jacque. Love the hearts.

We are adoring!!!! :)
Happy, Happy!

barb bits said...

This from my cousin Debbie.

Your stories are great. You really have talent in writing. Very proud of you cousin. Happy holidays.

Thanks, Debbie. Great to hear from you.

barb bits said...

In an email from Leonore.

WOW the book is so beautiful... Have a wonderful Xmas!!! I am so proud knowing you. xoxo Leonore

Thanks, Leonore. It's wonderful hearing from you. I'm grateful for your support and friendship.

barb bits said...

In an email from Lori:

Congratulations Barb!
Looking forward to reading it!

Thanks, Lori, I'd like to know what you think of the book. Let me know.

barb bits said...

Mike Homefeld commented on Facebook:

And a good read it is!!

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your comment especially since you were there!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Dear Barbara, wow! So lucky to be related to an author!

Anonymous said...

Hey my comment got posted! Second try! Amazing journey through the coming of age poems and stories. Goosebumps and nervous nellies connecting and remebering times past! Much love, Victoria

barb bits said...

Thanks, Vickie. Yes, you're posted! Thanks for trying again. I'm the lucky one to have such a supportive family.