Monday, September 9, 2013

Crying Babies

photo by Stefan Gara

If you read my last blog, there's been a slight change. I'm in the editing stage of my book. Perhaps you didn't notice, but I sure did. After all, a mother can recognize her own baby's cry, and boy, was my baby crying. How could I not see this before? One very awkward sentence. It wasn’t me. Baby must have written that one herself and she can’t write yet, but I fixed it, and now it reads fine.

Second guessing seems to be the norm. Lying awake last night─that's right, babies keep you up at night─I wondered if my sarcastic tone might put off a whole race of people, but after another look again this very early a.m., I think not. I'm mostly happy with the content of stories and poems. I need to edit and think about design.

Only one more page to write, About the Author. I know nothing about myself. After all these years, what can I say that is new and endearing?

After that, the publishing process begins, but I would also like to add a few pictures. I'm very vain and I was quite beautiful as a young girl. It will be hard not to use many. Seriously, I have to decide how many pictures are appropriate, and will they work in black and white or should I use color? I have at least two in mind.
And what about contests? Should I enter? Try to get a few books published for free and win prize money? Sounds good, but it’s a long process. What, what, what, is the best route? My workshop buddies share advice, but ultimately the decision is mine. I will probably have Copy Corner in Napa print my chapbooks again. They did a great job with Undertow, in 2011. 

Want to hear the best news of all? I showed a friend photos of the trip I took to Guam in 2010, and asked her opinion about one of the pictures for the cover of my book. She’s an artist so I thought she would have a good eye, and she said, “I can paint that for you.”

Wow! Her name is Elaine Lewis and she works out of her home in Lake County. She does a show at a gallery in Lakeport once a year, and she’s won many prizes at the local fair.

So lots of little things to think about for baby, but first I have to get her to stop crying. Anyone want to weigh in here?


Mary-Ellen Felten said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Babies cry but eventually they grown out of it! You just have to put on your big girl panties now. You are so awesome and I am honored to have you as my friend.

Mary Ellen

Laura McHale Holland said...

I love how you're sharing your process—unvarnished. There are so many choices to make; it's hard not to get frazzled, scattered. But it's oh so exciting to be so close to publication. Go baby! Go girl!

barb bits said...

You're right, Mary Ellen, I'll outgrow this type of anxiety. I should have posted a picture of me crying and whining. Thanks for the compliment! I value your friendship greatly too.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Laura. I'm looking forward to finishing this project and defrazzing.

barb bits said...

Donna emailed this comment.

I love this analogy. Watch out for teething.

Thanks, Donna, LOL. said...

As one of your Critique "buddies" I am happy to witness the growth of your baby. I think this will surpass you last chapbook. Keep going!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. Yep. You helped raise baby! I appreciate your keen eye and your kind critiques.