Friday, June 1, 2012

Part II: City of Saxophones

Barb, Dave, Sherron, Nan
With clam chowder cravings satisfied we strolled Pier 39, poked into shops, and let our senses lead us through the crowd of afternoon visitors. Street performers entertained, some talented and some not, including Tree Man (my name for him) a gristly fellow wearing a faded camouflage shirt crouched behind a trash receptacle clutching a dead tree branch for cover. His gimmick, to jump out at folks and demand money for scaring the crap out of them, failed.

Another charmer, bearded and unkempt, Jingle Man, sang “Jingle Bell Rock,” changing the lyrics to suit his thirsty need. “Jingle Bell, jingle bell, jingle bell drunk, give me some money for a jingle bell drink, etc…” 

“At least he’s singing, doing something in exchange for money,” Dave said. Christmas carols in April? No pull on my heartstrings! Most paused to laugh and kept their change.

The real talent drew bigger crowds. Knife Juggler, was sharp to watch, as was Rubberband Man, who rubbernecked dozens of tourists at a time. Saxophone Player, I couldn’t locate, but the tunes were lovely. Could be the music was canned. It seems whenever I visit San Francisco there is a saxophone playing nearby. They ought to call this place the City of Saxophones.

The Bay Bridge
Great views awaited at the end of the pier, but we didn't linger too long, Sherron and Nan wanted to visit China Town. More San Francisco adventures and pictures to come. Share a comment about your latest adventure.

Ben & Jerry or Dave & Barb?

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barb bits said...

From Leonore Wilson:

OMG I could NOT STOP laughing. Here's another Barbara voice. Please keep up this blog. Your humor shines!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Leonore, for your praise. You're a peach. said...

I love, love, love these pieces. Keep them coming.

Laura McHale Holland said...

I love your writing, Barbara. It's vivid, unpretentious and entertaining.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. Love, love, love, your encouraging words.

barb bits said...

Love your note, Laura. It made my day!

barb bits said...

From Colleen Lala:

Glad you enjoyed the City of My Dreams with Nan and Sherron! “Tree Man” is actually named “Bushman”. He has a license to entertain from the City and was sued a few years ago for scaring someone who fell down. For some reason he won! Oh well, that’s life in the big city…

barb bits said...

Colleen: Thanks for the correction. I'm sure Bushman will appreciate it.