Thursday, April 26, 2012


Two weeks before my birthday Nan, my older sister, called to tell me the news. "Are you sitting down?"

Instead of the the bad news that I expected she shared that in just 2 weeks she was flying out to visit me for my birthday from Washington. And that's not all, my niece, Sherron, would join us too from Arizona. Shock of shocks! I haven't seen Sherron in about 8 years.

"What a great present!" I squealed into the phone. "I'll tell Dave and the boys right away."

"No need. They've known since January," she told me.

"Those bums kept this a secret since January?"

Geez. I had to clean the house. No time for spring cleaning. Dirty windows stayed dirty, spotty carpets  stayed spottty, and our plans to paint the bathroom? We settled for touch-ups. The yard's pruning, weeding, mowing, and clipping took place between rain showers.

I washed everything in the house, walls, floors, corners, counters, the fridge, and the coffee pot. I almost washed the cat, and I gave my sister updates on my exploits for the next 10 days while we made plans.

It seemed Mother Nature was doing some washing too, rain right up to the day they arrived, and then April skies cleared to a brilliant hue the moment Nan and Sherron stepped off their planes at the Oakland airport. Sherron brought sunshine from Arizona, and Nan left the rain in Washington.

What a wonderful birthday surprise! More trip notes and pictures to come.
Sherron & Nan



barb bits said...

This comment in an email from Leonore Wilson.

Love it!! You must write more about this sister! ox Leonore

barb bits said...

Thanks Leonore. Yep. I intend to write more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a marvelous surprise, before during and after.

Anonymous said...

cute story. I had a good time said...

I love this story and the photo. Good job, Barbara.
Hugs, Patsy
Oh, Happy Birthday, too!

barb bits said...

Thanks Christina and Patsy for your wishes and comments. I love sharing happy adventures.