Friday, December 16, 2011

Secret Santa: Finding My Hallmark Moment

Every year I struggle with whether or not to write a holiday newsletter. I want to fill the page with happy thoughts thinking it’s up to me to spread cheer, but I don’t always feel great about the year. I don’t want my letter to sound like the family version of the “Stepford Wives.” I try not to use too many sappy lines like “We are truly blessed.” Some years those lines just don’t seem to ring true. Maybe I'm still searching for my Hallmark moment.

Jacque and Jim Adamson
For the past couple years during the holidays I have volunteered to help Jacqueline Eigen, a local teacher and minister, with a Secret Santa project. I joined six fellow elves, and many more behind-the-scenes, to organize a Christmas party for 40 seniors at Creative Living at the Calistoga Community Center. We passed out cards and gifts and joined Santa for a lunch catered by the Rotary Club of Calistoga.  
Stuffed moose
Jim Adamson, also an elf,  guitarist and singer from the band, “TheRythym Cats”, entertained everyone by singing Christmas Carols and everyone joined in. Top Santa, Jacque and her senior friend, Joe Bob, called out numbers for donated raffle prizes. I watched as one darling elder opened her gift, a stuffed moose. She was so delighted she hugged her prize tightly and let it sit on her lap for a long while. It was the sort of thing you might see a little girl do. 
Elf team

Soon it was time for our elf team to pass out gifts bags. As the seniors accepted their presents they responded with lovely smiles. They were so appreciative of inexpensive items like gloves and scarves, shampoos and soaps, candles and candy. I was enchanted by how little it took to brighten their day.

My job had been to write notes inside the Christmas cards that we delivered. I had a list of 36 names and I wanted to write something personal in each, but after a while I started to run out of cheery things to say so I borrowed phrases from Hallmark like, “Keep the season’s cheer throughout the new year," and "May the joy of the season warm your heart.” Maybe no one would notice, after all there are only so many sweet and sappy things to say about the holidays. Is it really cheating if it's for a good cause?
Rotary Club Elves

When it came time to say our goodbyes a little lady smiled at me broadly and asked if I was “Secret Santa Barbara,” the one who signed the Christmas cards. Oh no, was this gal working undercover for Hallmark cards? 

Thankfully she wasn't. She wanted to personally thank me for my beautiful handwriting and the kind words I had written to her. These seniors really appreciated everything we did for them.

Now as I sit down to write my holiday newsletter, and I borrow a closing line from Hallmark, there’s a little warm spot glowing inside me, a reminder that this season is truly about sharing. I don’t think Hallmark would mind a bit.
Elf Sharon
Santa and friends

Santa, Jacque, Joe Bob, Jim


Amber Lea Starfire said...

Barb, your story is a heartwarming reminder of the true reason we love the holidays: it's a time for sharing, for giving and receiving from our hearts. said...

Dear Barbara,
Over the years we have celebrated many "Hallmark" moments. Thanks for sharing yours.
Merry Christmas,

barb bits said...

Thanks, Amber. Merry Christmas.

barb bits said...

Thanks, Patsy. Glad you've had many moments. Merry Christmas to you too.

Jacquie said...

I finally know I've made it when my Secret Santa for Seniors project becomes a Hallmark Moment!
Thanks, Barb, for capturing the essence of what Secret Santa is....such small things are so appreciated by the seniors. And you know how much I love the fact you have your Hallmark cheat-sheets for writing the cards!
Thanks for all your help, from writing the cards to stuffing bags, to writing about your experience and posting with the pics, too. It is the little things... Have a great Holiday season and get ready for Secret Santa 2012!

barb bits said...

Thanks to you too, Jacque. You were so organized the whole affair ran without a hitch. If you click on the little F (facebook) icon next to comments you can send this blog directly to your facebook page after you set it up. Take care and Happy Holidays!

barb moehring said...


Barb - a wondeful reminder of what Christmas is all about.
Thanks for thought. Barb Moehring

barb bits said...

Thanks, Barb. Christmas is also about good friendships like ours.

barb bits said...


This email comment from Steve:

Not what I thought it was going to develop into. Honest, insightful and articulate.

Don’t always follow every blog but this was exceptional!

barb bits said...

Thanks, Steve for your kind words.

barb bits said...
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barb bits said...

One of the Secret Santa elves, Anne, sent me this comment. Thanks Anne!

Merry Christmas, Barbara!! I LOVED your blog about the Secret Santa Event! I really appreciated your writings and you truthful observation of the Season. This year I just wanted to help if I could in some way. I received so much more back which I truly never saw coming!

victoria said...

Try 2 for comments. Just want to let you know how inspiring this piece is! Besides being a wonderful sharing event, by writing and publishing your groups' efforts and the welcoming from the seniors, even more people can know that there is caring in this crazy world. Thank you Barbara!

barb bits said...

Thank-you Vickie. It is a crazy world. Events like this help us remember we are all human, able to be kind and to share.